Read some testimonials below to see what our vaccination clinics have to say about us!


“ The workflow is very smooth. The [nurses] can take it into the field and deploy it without a great deal of difficulty!  In a word, it has been brilliant!”

Andrea Zoodsma, BSN, RN, PHN, Director
Central Coast VNA


"Once CharmHealth took over billing, we saw an 800 fold increase in the number of claims that were processed!  The RCM team took care of all of the behind-the-scenes; I barely had any involvement!"

Dr. Jonathon Savage, DO
Care on Location Clinic


Our partnership with CharmHealth has allowed us to provide a workflow for vaccination campaigns that is unique in its ability to convert data captured during the patient encounter into claims without any additional handling. Data flows seamlessly from the encounter to the claim in a matter of minutes, resulting in less work and faster collections.

Chuck Krutsinger
CEO of Countermind

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